The Winter Wind

by Solitude's Call

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The second piece composed by Solitude's Call. Available free of charge, but donations are greatly appreciated.


"The Winter Wind":

I stand here, shivering
Beneath the onslaught of the winter wind.
The bitter cold, the perpetual sting
Tells the tale of a lonely heart.
I remember the life
And the hope that once dwelled within
But only bitterness remains.
As the winds increased
And the storm drew near
I placed my hope in a fading star
But it was not to be.

None can withstand its savage might.
None can survive its cruel sting.
With each new cause to suffer
It will be life, not death
That all will come to fear.

When the gale finally envelops
And all cause for hope is drowned beneath the torrent
The star blinks its last, and fades to the dreams.


released January 11, 2014
Scott Wolfskill




Solitude's Call De Kalb, Illinois

Solitude's Call is a solo project established by Scott Wolfskill. Its aim is to create a melancholic atmosphere using a solemn acoustic sound in correlation with dark poetry. Its origins trace back to 2013 with the two singles Alone and The Winter Wind, and its debut album Plea from the Dark was released in 2015. ... more

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